What is a Dedicated Developer?

Today, businesses choose Dedicated Developers or Programmer team developers for their projects because they can complete their tasks quickly and comprehensively. Hiring Dedicated developers is becoming a common trend, keeping up with the growing demand for software applications across businesses in every industry. They concentrate all their time and expertise on finishing your project effectively.

Why Hire Dedicated Developers from Silicon Valley-India?

Flexible Hiring Models

Choosing our committed team of developers provides business options in terms of cost and scalability. Depending on what your business needs, you can select the appropriate one.

Using Relevant Methods and Techniques

Utilize cutting-edge technologies and optimal engineering methodologies. We create sophisticated software solutions for your enterprise. That covers the application utilizing scalable microservices frameworks, DevOps strategies, cloud-native innovations, and more.

Dedicated Team

Hire dedicated development teams of experienced software developers who will focus solely on your project to produce top-notch results with the time and cost constraints you specify.

Multiple Communication Sources

Reaching out to us with any questions is simple. You can communicate with us by phone, email, Slack, and other major platforms along with the project management system. Above all, we respond to you promptly every time.

Chosen Ability

Leverage the potential of cutting-edge trends in mobile application development by hiring from a tech hub of product managers, QA experts, UI/UX designers, and mobile app developers.

Productive Collaboration

Experience teamwork and productive collaboration more than before by adhering to the schedule-aligned app development services that are considerate of project deadlines and company objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to sign an annual contract if I hire specialized developers on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis?

    When leveraging resources, many web development companies provide a range of engagement options. You can select any of the available models whenever it's convenient for you. Signing a yearly contract is not required in any way. Experts in software development are available for hire on a quarterly, annual, or monthly basis. Depending on what your project requires.

    Starting and maintaining an enterprise in this competitive sector is akin to entering a profession with many obstacles. The budget is challenging to manage while operating a successful company.

    Hiring a specialized development team is the best option if you have a tight budget but still need a talented developer to produce smoothly functioning software for your company. This will save you money and time. You are free to select the option that best suits the needs of your project and, of course, your financial situation.

  • In Ahmedabad, India, Silicon Valley has its development hub. We don't need to outsource work to anyone because our developers work for us in various shifts.

  • Yes, you have the right to request a replacement if you are unsatisfied with a specific web developer or the team for an extended period. The best software development firms offer a prompt replacement, however, it could take some time to transfer all project specifics to a new team.

    You will be provided with a quick resource replacement if you are dissatisfied with the work of any developer or the team. Within a given timeframe, the development companies consistently offer a substitute using the current pool of resources. If you decide to work with a different software engineer, they will fill the vacancy as soon as possible, within their policy's time frame.

    Our project manager will be in close communication with you to make sure you are happy with the work your development team is producing. We will replace them, nevertheless, if these initiatives fail to provide the expected outcomes and the performance continues to be subpar. No queries were posed.

  • All your hired developers will speak in English. We do not support any other international languages.

  • Successful development companies have precise management and communication protocols. That includes communication technologies like Slack, Skype, Google Meet, etc.

    You don't need to worry about it if this is your first experience working with an in-house software development team or an offshore developer.

    A cloud-based office can be established with several tools, and real-time face-to-face contact is even possible. These days, it's possible to simulate a local office presence with several tools, several of which we use daily.

  • After the payment process complete, it usually takes the developer 1-2 working days to begin working on your project exclusively.

  • We accept payment via modes of either Pay Pal, Credit Card, or Wire Transfer.

  • What kind of business are you? Are you the type of person who has to know every detail, or are you satisfied with just that you are making progress toward your targets and just believe that the process should be goal-oriented?

    There could be various development teams with various methods of operation. Many might take into account the company's full participation in measuring advancements in real-time. Others might want to work alone and update you on the progress regularly.

  • Yes. The Silicon Valley-India developer whom you have hired is just like any other developer hired by you that works for you full time i.e., 8 hours * 5 working days.

  • Your hired developer will be available to talk to you either through Instant Messenger, Email, or even phone.

  • Yes, we have a price list ready that reads the cost of developers with different skills. Send us your contact details for us to provide you with the information.

  • The duration of the timeframe might change depending on the web application's features, complexity, size, team makeup, engagement strategy, and other factors.

  • We offer you two choices if the developer is absent due to illness. You have the option to designate another developer to settle the developer's debt, or we can make arrangements for the same developer to work for you on the weekends as well.

  • Hire a dedicated development team from Silicon Valley is highly beneficial as we offer-

    • Advanced technologies and Modern infrastructure
    • High-quality technical expertise
    • Team scalability
    • Effective communication
    • Remarkable performance record
    • 24/7 support
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Quality assurance and Risk mitigation
    • Control over the project workflow
  • Yes, Outsourcing your work proves much cost efficient to you. You save an average cost of 30% - 40% as compared to the traditional cost of getting your project done in-house.

  • We can sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) covering ownership, intellectual property rights, and confidentiality to protect your intellectual property.

  • First, evaluate Developers based on your requirements and see if their levels match. Match the engineer's skill level and include time and financial estimates that illustrate the scope of your project and the demands of the business. Give experts as partners to get a broader perspective.

  • Yes, you very much own your source code. Our developers are only working on your project. They are a team hired by you for the accomplishment of your project. All the copyrights and property rights remain with you.

  • Silicon Valley India offers a team of highly experienced software developers to ensure that their clients' expectations are satisfied. For on-time project delivery, our developers produce excellent results.

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