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Economy Hosting Plan is perfect for small business firms, who wish to be cost effective and get the advantage of getting regular uptime. Silicon Valley is a trusted company in terms of providing Economy hosting solutions in India. Secure, professional and reliable Windows 2003 servers make your work much simpler than you think.

Static websites or websites with not more than 25 MB size can be well hosted under the Economy Hosting plan. This makes it a perfect choice for personal or small websites. This makes the site free from confusing and analytic data base application running. After you host your website on our servers, you can add simple HTML pages. To add to it our advanced Hosting Service you can do that also, as it is designed to service more complex web sites as well.

Moreover the services provided saves your money and hand-in-hand you also enjoy the freedom of using your own web server, without having to manage the hardware aspects of running a server. You also enjoy less expensive line connections to the Internet. Your web site can be viewed even when your own computer is not connected to the Internet.

Notable Features

  • Ability to use your own domain name

  • 100MB of web space (you can purchase extra web space if required)

  • Mail form - this allows your visitors to fill in their requirements and submit to you

  • Counter CGI allows you to keep track of how many visitors you receive

  • Forwarding of mail sent to client's domain to a nominated e-mail address - this allows clients to receive e-mail at their own domain without requiring their own mail server

  • Unlimited bandwidth or space. As explained on our scams page, offering either of those two as unlimited is not possible

  • Affordable to all types of website

What else you Gain?

  • Your Money

  • Excellent performance and service

Customized plans and built-in support make Silicon Valley one of the best Economy Hosting Solution providers across the length and breadth of India.

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