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Cluster means “bunch”. In the Web hosting field, cluster web hosting acts as a bunch of data’. Moreover, Cluster Web Hosting is like a mirror server only. Here, the data or the entropies will be saved on different servers at the same time.

Scope of Linux Cluster Server

For a well-to-do business, the prime importance is that your website is available as much as possible. Clustering is an ideal solution to reduce prospective clients which can bring good offers. Many benefits can be counted of Cluster server, like it manages a wide range of applications, assuring maximum uptime and provide service that are accessed more frequently than one unplanned downtime. Additionally, it also helps by creating a virtual server to handle the additional load.

Silicon Valley also provides some great clustering solution on its Cluster Server like 99.99% uptime and your customers can find the critical business information from your site without any delay. Our load balancing solution allows you to deliver information to your customers without any interruption.

Cluster Server quickly detects and recovers hardware and software failures to enable continuous web services. Cluster Server also allows you to expand your service capacity as your business grows. Cluster Suite is comprised of two main parts, Cluster Manager, which provides application failover, and IP Load Balancing (formerly known as Piranha), which provides the ability to load balance IP traffic across a farm of servers.

Advantages of Cluster Server

  • Our clusters servers running on Linux

  • Provides a highly available Web site, 99.99% up-time

  • Automated Network Monitoring

  • Software provides High Availability and Load Balancing capabilities as well as ease of configuration and management of the cluster

  • Adds a strong and robust keep alive facility the Linux Virtual Server Project

  • Cluster Server lets you expand your service capacity as your business grows

  • Cluster Server is the best choice for adapting to your business in view of security

  • Cluster Server enhances security synchronization tools based on standard Secure Shell technology.
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