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You have a shopping Site or Ecommerce related website and is facing some serious problem with the hosting-service provider??? Then you have dropped in where you should be….

Well understanding the importance of the ecommerce business related websites, Silicon Valley brings in ECOMMERCE PORTAL HOSTING. To begin with…. Why ecommerce site needs special service?

In recent time, ecommerce has emerged as one of the important aspect of Internet world. Online business has gathered billions of users daily with more than one-million transactions taking place ONLINE. People buying their favorites products by just a click have created no boundaries separating markets from the end-users. However, this online transaction or ecommerce business solution needs a reliable server to host the site. Silicon Valley offers the Ecommerce Portal Hosting solutions on well maintained servers. Ecommerce related websites needs fast, ALWAYS ON servers and uninterrupted uptime and all these features are well provided by Silicon Valley.

Here it goes. Silicon Valley serves these extra features without charging any additional cost for ecommerce packages. Delivering constant mirroring options to ensure 99.998% uptime, the servers provided by the organizations is the most-suited for your business related websites. The flowing and dynamic process will help us deliver what you need on time.

What Else You Gain?

  1. Always-On Portals

  2. Incremental backups from the data servers

Come and experience Quality, Personalized Service and Reasonable Price with the well knitted team of Silicon Valley.

Something EXTRAAA……

What is a Shopping Cart?

A shopping cart enacts as an online catalog which is used by companies to sell their products via Internet. Shopping Cart helps users to select an item, review it, make modifications and finally purchase it. It can also be referred as, a track recorder which keeps consumer well informed about the products or wares selected, add or remove item(s) from the cart. After making the desired purchases, a visitor clicks check-out then the system sends all the information to the buyer so that proper arrangement can be made for the delivery of the product(s).

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