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Silicon Valley is engaged in a strategic coalition with Microsoft by complementary skills to provide our clients with best .net Development solutions. Microsoft .NET provides a platform to the developer in all types of building blocks and development environment to create software’s like web based applications, desk-top application and others.

.Net as a technological philosophy, explains the essence of project development with simplicity, guaranteed safe functionality and easy assimilation of any other software into internet. The most noteworthy benefit of the .NET Framework is its level of interpretability with other languages, applications, and systems.

The .NET structure supports multiple programming languages which helps it improve the productivity by permitting the developers to pick the programming language that they consider the best suited to the job.

We would like to acquaint you with the few eminent .NET-compliant languages that are sustained by CLR:

  •  Component Pascal –
  •  Eiffel
  •  Mercury –
  •  Pascal –
  •  Perl
  •  Smalltalk
  •  Oberon
  •  Visual Basic –
  •  Visual C#
  •  JScript
  •  COBOL
  •  Visual C++--
  •  APL –
  •  Python –
  •  Fortran-

Moreover with the development of Dot Net software, businesses can benefit to great extents. They realize the enhancement in time and cost association with the development of their business applications. Not only this they also have been benefit from authorizing employees with the ability to act on vital information.

Silicon Valley administers.NET projects for its clients straddling all verticals including various combined engagements with Microsoft.

Silicon Valley has effectively executed projects using a wide collection of Microsoft technologies and tools. Majority of the projects are performed in the Software Application space to deal with critical business problems that are generally faced by our clients.

We have a talented resource squad of developers, technical specialists and architects skillful in the .Net platform.

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